Basic Education

Basic Education [Foreign language school]

Welcome to the Basic Education of Young Ji International School.

Kindergarden N. K.P
Rocognation No K–002
Elementary School 1 – 6
Rocognation No E–001
Middle School 7 – 9 [ Junior High school 7-10 ]
Rocognation No S–002
High school 10-12 [ Senior High school 11-12 ]
Rocognation No SHS-104

Yong Ji International School is a foreign language school that focuses on foreign language education through internationalized professional education. It aims to acquire and educate students more than five different languages until the graduation [Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, English, Korean, and Filipino].
영지국제학교는 외국어 전문학교로 국제화 된 전문교육을 통하여 외국어 교육을 중점 교육하고 있으며 졸업전 까지 5개국어 [ 일어 , 중국어, 스페인어,프랑스어 ,영어 ,한국어 ,필리핀어 ] 이상의 언어를 습득, 교육하는데 목적을 두고 있다.

Principal’s Business Management
Educating students with intelligence and personality, students with proper basic lifestyle habits, and students who are strong physically and mentally, by enhancing the students’ aptitude and talents, creating a school full of dreams and love through creative and democratic school management.

Educational Objectives
1. A true person who acts righteously
2. A good person who helps and lives with love
3. A beautiful person who is full of its own personality
4. A person who is free of language

A Trusted Teacher
1 Academic guidance through the operation of a faithful curriculum
2 Life guidance through leading-oriented personality education
3 Career guidance through personalized development

A Thoughtful Student
1 Establishing a culture of debating through the daily life of reading
2 Cultivating right values and morality

Fun and Exciting school
Year-round school [after-school and seasonal school operation]
Support for improvement of pleasant educational environment
Special courses at the end of the school year

Education-Focused Task
An Education through Self-Directed Learning and Personalized Training,
Communication-centered Language Ability Education, and Inquiry-centered Science Education.
Education for Clubs of Accordance with Aptitudes, and Home-based Personality Education
Community Consciousness Education, and Ecological Economic Education.
Student Autonomy Activity Education, and a Training to Authentify Physical Strength
Career Counseling Education and Health and Safety Education, Arts and Physical Activity Education

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