Scholarship Program


The Young Ji International School, Inc. Scholarship Programs support students that are passionate about improving their knowledge and their ability to advance positive education.

The school based education will empower these students to explore and develop intelligent and humane ideas generated by free and open inquiry, critical analysis, and a nuanced understanding of the complex challenges facing their education years.

Using transparent, open and merit-based competitions, we offer awards for advanced study in their different educational aspects.   The Scholarship Programs is embodied by four parts, Academic Scholarship, Missionary Scholarship, Founder’s Scholarship and Alumni Scholarship.



  • Academic Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship is offered to YJIS students who garnered the total average of 95% in all subjects. Students who wish to avail See more…
  • 왕정훈 골프 장학회
  • 영지국제학교 를 졸업하고 영지대학 체육 교육학과에 재학중인 골프 프로 왕정훈 선수가 설립한 장학재단은 필리핀의.. See more…
  • Missionary Scholarship
  • Missionary Scholarship is founded by Reverend Pastor kim nag shin. Students who wish to avail missionary scholarship must follow the See more…
  • Alumni Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship is founded by Kim Tae Young (Peter Kim), a graduate in YJIS, class 2007-08. The fund used for this scholarship is taken See more…

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