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Young Ji International School / College offers holistic education for children form Nursery, Kindergarten, Preparatory, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College. It provides the highest quality of advanced instructions, professional trainings, world class and up-to-date teaching technology to produce outstanding scholars and future leaders in their chosen field. It offers an environment of innovative learning that is committed at academic excellence while cultivating the values of Christian faith.

Likewise, keeping in mind the best interest of the students, new and purpose built facilities in the second and third floor of the four-floor building give the students opportunities for excellent learning platforms for more rapid progress.

As the art of communication through different languages is the focal point of study of YJISC. Students learn English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and French languages and cultures to give them more flexible capability to effectively express their thoughts, ideas and themselves in speaking and writing that gives them a competitive edge over their counterparts elsewhere. It is also committed to establishing a school culture that recognizes and promotes international mindedness an excellence within and beyond the classroom.

Moreover, wherever you live on earth, the same program of education is available to you through our home study programs: the Open High School Program and the newly established Internet-based Distance Education Program, which is approved by the Department of Education and has accreditation from the Bureau of Immigrations to accept foreign students. Through these programs, people of all ages, ethnic groups, race or nationality are given chance to use and improve their God-given intelligence, talents, and skills.

YJISC has opened the college department and offers the following courses: BS in Real Estate Management, BS in Office Administration, BS in Entrepreneurship, BA in Christian Education, BA in Theology, AB in English, and AB in Physical Education. The school continues to apply for other courses to be offered for the tertiary students who want to finish college education and gain bright future and successful careers.

If you are visiting our website for the first time, I would encourage you to read our history for an over-view of the school.

Likewise, please do come and visit our school. See us in person to learn at firsthand what sets us apart in the world of international education.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

                                                                                            REV. NAG SHIN KIM Ph.D, Th.D,Ed.D

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